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My Hobbies
                                                                                 Midi-Dueling banjo's

Target Shooting


     I have enjoyed firearms and shooting since high school,  when my uncle Tom Keely took me woodchuck hunting during my summer vacations at his home north of New York City. I also went pheasant and duck hunting with high school friends.  I continued my interest while in the Navy, as a member of the prize crew, who's duty was to board ships being searched at sea.  I was trained in the BAR, the Browning Automatic Rifle, and carried it during boardings.  Our job in Vietnam was to search junks that went up and down the coast from the North to the South.  Boarding one of them at sea was a scary experience, not knowing who you would find below deck.


 I have always enjoyed photography since a teenager and have progressed from point and shoot Kodaks to 35MM and now Digital.  I just bought myself a new Sony A700 camera and have been building my accessories the past few months to the point I am about complete in the equipment department.


Some of my latest photos 2008


My first computer was a Tandy in 1987 that had a 10 meg hard drive and a 5 1/4" floppy drive. I think it was Dos 3.1 or earlier.  I enjoy a variety of computer related activities such as building and maintaining this family web page, Adobe PhotoShop, various web sites related to my hobbies and some chatting with friends.  I try to keep my hardware updated as money allows and Kathy and I have dueling computers in the rec room that you will often find us on at various times during the day and evening.

The missing key

My computer area at home

What goes on at night at your computer.  

I put together a web site for our High School Class of 1961 on Yahoo Groups.  You can view this web site at:  There is a link to a second site I put together that has only photo's for the class.