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Friends, old and new                    
    Midi-Music Box Dancer                                          

Morton Wright just back from the foundry

My fairwell party from US Foundry with all my friends.  December 2006

    Gloria Martinez and Pedro Gonzales

Gloria Orifici                                                                    

Kitty Brown with Kathy at the Cancun Restaurant in Miami Lakes, FL

Doug Hafke and I at the company picnic in Janurary, 2003

Keith and Michelle, Miami FL

Raul Padron and Kevin Rogers.
Kevin passed away from Cancer in April of 2004.

John and Kitty Brown, Pembroke Pines Florida
John passed away this year and will be missed by Kathy and I

Fun times at the Browns house

    Charlie and Elaine Averill
                          Sue and John Stanton (Florida)                                             Charlie and Elaine Averill (Indiana)

Glenn Lewandowski                                 Curtis Hill            
  Glenn Lewandowski, Syracuse, NY                             Curtis T. Hill,   Elkhart, Indiana       

John Moss                       Randy Bennett, navy friend
 John Moss, Orlando,  Florida                          Randy Lee Bennett, Tampa Florida

Bernardo Yepez and Family visit us over New Years weekend 2005

Bill and Carleen Setter with us in Key Largo, March 2003

The Ebbings from Columbus, IN.                   

    Tom and Bobbi Ebbing, Columbus, IN     

More to follow as I find folks pictures ............. Love to have you send me a pic to add to this page.