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Kids Photos

                                                                                                      Midi-Baby elephant walk

Jake and Alexis 2008

Jackson April 2008

Alexis Fuller on July 6, 2008

Jake at Jacksons 1st Birthday 2007

Molly is getting older

On vacation in Vancouver WA 2008

Alexis Ann Fuller is so cute

Molly at her first horse show  on May 6, 2007

The gangs all here. 2006

Want to buy some cookies?

Eric playing with Jackson March 2007

Jake Fuller is cute too!

Sue with Jackson in March of this year at our new  house.

Molly coloring eggs 2007

Jake and Alexis at Disneyworld

Molly, Sue and Eric 2005 in Fl

Molly, Alexis and Jake playing video games at Sue's on Xmas day 2003.

Not us Pa, it was Alexis and Molly

Eric and Jake with Great Grandpa Karcher

Alexis and Jake 2005

Sue's first day at school             Sue and Barb          
Sue's first day of school                                Kathy and Jean

Molly and Alexis at Disney 1999

Sue and Molly in Florida 2005                        

Jake and Eric, May 2002

Molly after a hard day at Disney 1999

Molly's curly hair was something else

Alexis Ann Fuller

Mollis Wallis