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Mostly me                     
                                                                                           MIDI-Yesterday when I was young

Kathy and I summer of 1965

Kathy and I at my 25th High School Reunion

My mom was a very caring person who worked very hard for our family.   My dad was always the
My mother and father around the time I was born.


  Me playing cowboy           Me the scout
                                                                               The Cowboy                                             The Scout

                                                  Me at two                                                               Me in 2001 on my computer at night
                                                         Ain't he cute?                                                                        Still is.......    

I always liked the Navy                                                    Me in the Boy Scouts
                                                  Arlene and her sailor brother, 1948                                  At Boy Scout camp. 1956

Home from leave at Xmas 1962

Kathy and I in Orlando 2003

                       Eric and I at Xmas 2004

July 2006

Me at DisneyWorld 2002

Florida on Front Porch 2005

Molly and Pa in Nashville, IN restaurant

Taken on our 1965 trip to the island of Guadeloupe, FWI.
Many pounds ago in Guadeloupe, FWI (1985)   

Drinking in Japan at 18

Are we having fun or not!