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More Photos

Fuller Family in Hawaii

Sue and Bill visiting us in Fl 2006

At the horse track in Miami, 2006

Molly and Alexes get their faces painted in Chicago at Christmas 2004

Molly loves her Grandma

Molly and Friend

Sue is willing to try anything once.

Probably the last trip to see Santa for Molly 2004

Alexis and Jake 2005
Barb and the kids visited us in April and we went to Haulover Beach in Miami

                                        Bard and Alexis in the Ocean.                           Sue with Alexis and Molly at Haulover Beach, Miami FL

We went to Universal Studios for a couple days.

Molly and Family visited us in July, 2004  

Molly the ham 2006
Pa with Molly and Eric, June 2, 2002
Arlene and Dale with friends visiting us in FL

My brochure picture 1995
My corporate picture 1995

Kathy in Naples, FL June 2003

Testing my new digital camera on my live-in model, January 2004

Pearl Harbor Hawaii, 1962

The three girls 2000

Jean at Christmas showing off her new Jacket

Kathy in Orlando 2004

We had Spanky for 18 years and is missed.

Midi: Before the last teardrop falls